How to Apply


Individuals who meet one of the listed criteria and who wish to become certified as VARP™ paralegals must submit the following items to the VARP™ Registration Committee of VAPA (“the Committee”):

A. Verified completed application (see Form A); and

B. If applying on Criteria IV.A through H, candidates must also submit a copy of the individual’s official transcript(s) from the educational institution(s) attended OR a letter from the educational institution(s) attended stating the dates of the individual’s attendance and the date of the individual’s graduation OR a copy of the diploma or certificate received by the individual from the educational institution(s) attended; and

C. Declaration(s) from an attorney(s) with whom the individual works or has worked attesting to the individual’s substantive paralegal work experience (see Form B). The total number of attested years of substantive paralegal experience must meet the minimum number of years as provided for in the above Criteria under which the individual is applying; and

D. A non-refundable fee of $35.00, payable to VAPA; and, if applicable

E. A completed Form C if applying under Criteria IV.I or renewing the VARP™ designation.

F. If applying under Criteria I.J, Certified Paralegals, as defined herein, need only submit Form A along with a copy of their credentialing certificate and a copy of their current letter/certificate of good standing. Certified Paralegals need not complete Form B or Form C.

G. Completed applications and all supporting documents shall be mailed to: Virginia Registered Paralegal Program, PO Box 537, Warrenton, Virginia 20188.